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Whether you are planning on growing or selling your company, one truth is inevitable – you will eventually exit from your company. Exiting on your own terms with the proper planning means you can exit when you want, to whom you want, and for the maximum price. Our firm’s motto is that exit planning is simply good business strategy. We exclusively focus on advising successful Government Contractors, and aligning your Company, personal & financial objectives.

What’s Your Exit Timeline?

How we help you prepare and plan for exiting your company
Less Than
1 Year
CORE & FOUR Private Wealth Management
There is more to wealth than the stock market
Family Office Experience
All your professional advisors under one roof
Company Valuation
What’s your company worth & how to increase its value?
M&A Advisory
Ready to sell?
Pre-Sale Income Tax Planning
Reducing the tax drag from your company’s sale
Estate Structuring
Protecting your estate and future legacy
Organize “Data Room”
Gather important company documents
Life After Exit
What’s your life after leaving your business?
Executive Compensation & Retention Bonus for Key Employees
Incentivize your most valuable assets – your people
Intellectual Property & Employment Contracts for Key Assets
Protect your Company from competitors
Diversify Client Base
Stabilize revenue and increase sources of recurring income
Maximize Set Asides & Transition to Full and Open Contracts
Time to graduate to the big leagues
Management Succession Plan
Who steps into your place to run the Company?

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Our latest take on need to know investment opportunities and policies that impact wealth (and sound sleep!)


Whether you are planning to keep & grow your company or sell it, we share valuable tips on optimizing your Company’s value.


We open the playbook on wealth management, from the basics to advanced strategies for high net worth families.
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Please check out the background of our financial Professionals on FINRA's BrokerCheck website

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