Wealth Management for GovCons

Wealth Management for GovCon’s is more than just the market. It’s leveraging bespoke investments – Real Estate, Private Equity, Venture Capital and Low Risk Assets. These opportunities, brought to our clients, are what sets us apart and has clients raving. Coupling this wealth management philosophy with our estate and tax saving strategies of a family office – not only increase your wealth through asset appreciation but also reduce tax burdens both today and for future generations. 

Core & Four Private Wealth Management

Have you Outgrown Conventional Wealth Management? Are you Curious about Building Generational Wealth? Are you Ready to Use the Same Asset Classes as Elite Investors? At Cope Corrales we’ve developed a customized approach to managing your wealth that combines the best of conventional wealth management with investments wealthy families have used for generations.

Family Office Experience

At COPE CORRALES, we understand the complexities of managing substantial wealth and the professional advisors required to execute a multi-generational wealth strategy. We also understand the time it requires, and how little time our clients have. So we coordinate all aspects of your financial life, in one place.

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Please Review

COPE CORRALES is an independently owned and operated firm located in Washington, DC. Please check out the background of our financial professionals on FINRA’s BrokerCheck website. Please review important Disclosure information set forth in this website.

Please check out the background of our financial Professionals on FINRA's BrokerCheck website

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